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"our raised track contains over 4000 sleepers and over 200 rail joins"

A note from the Commitee

New & Existing Members we couldn’t do what we do without you. TMES thanks every one of you for putting the effort into keeping our track running. We rely on volunteers to run the passenger service and maintain the track and grounds, if you haven’t been in a while please come along, even if it's just for a coffee and chat.

If you are not a member and would like to get involved please speak to any of our team who will happily give you an application form.

Some of our regular visitors

Background to the Society

The Society was formed in 1944 following a chance meeting of a number of fellow travellers commuting to London, and seven members attended its first meeting held in the Technical Institute and Library, Tonbridge. Further meetings were held and, as membership expanded, a Chairman, Officers and Committee were elected. A start was made on a multi-gauge track in the grounds of E.D.C. Ltd (now Wallace & Tiernan) but this was abandoned when the Tonbridge Urban District Council offered us our present site.

The first track at our present site was built in 1951 in the form of an oval. This provided 480ft of 3 1/2in. and 5in. track and its outline is still discernible. Subsequent extensions have resulted in the track we have today - about one third of a mile long complete with signalling and safety rail and containing over 4000 sleepers and over 200 rail joints. Membership has risen to well over 90 with about 50 locomotives.

Regular meetings are held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons throughout the summer for running on the track and the closed season allows for evening meetings, usually on a monthly basis, for film shows, talks etc. Occasional club outings take place most years to sites of mutual interest, and barbeques and competitions are arranged for most years.

The Society is now registered as a non profit-making co-operative under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965. A member’s liability is limited by Section 57(d) of this Act to his shareholding which, under the Society’s rules, is limited to a maximum of £1 share per member.

The Society operates in a public park and takes safety very seriously. It has a well developed Health and Safety strategy and, in view of the popularity of its track amongst the young, is very aware of its obligations under the Child Protection Act.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost and do you take card payments?

We manage to keep this fantastic railway running with donations being taken on a per-ride basis. We now accept card payments as our preferred method of donation.

When do you open?

The track is open for public running between the hours of 13:30 - 16:30 Saturdays and Sundays during British Summer Time, this is subject to driver availability, for more up-to-date timings please see our social media pages.

I would like to join, what do I need to do?

That's great news and we would love to have you. Simply pop along to one of our weekend running days and ask any member of the TMES and they will get you an application form.

When do the steam engines run?

We try to have a steam engine running every weekend, unfortunately, we can't guarantee this as we rely on TMES volunteers with relevant steam training to run the service.

Do you organize children's birthday parties?

We are sorry at this time we cannot offer any parties

Are dogs allowed to ride the train?

Animals are not currently allowed to ride the train